Smart Meter Safeguard

Protecting Families from RF Radiation


The Smart Meter Safeguard offers an effective solution to protect against the intense radio-frequency (RF) radiation emitted by smart meters. This device blocks 98% of radiation pulses while still enabling the transmission of electricity consumption information for invoicing purposes to the provider.

The design for the Smart Meter Safeguard was created out of necessity by an electronic technologist with over 25 years of experience in the field and who also developed an electro-sensitivity. NASA guidelines for electromagnetic shielding were used to create the shield, which is manufactured by a Canadian company with extensive experience machining stainless steel products.

The Challenge

Prototyping for the Smart Meter Safeguard was conducted over several design iterations until it was perfected and allowed the minimum radiation required to transmit the necessary data. Testing trials were performed with people suffering from electro-hypersensitivity to validate that the shield was effectively improving their symptoms.

With the product now ready for market, the next step was to raise awareness about the issue of pulsed RF radiation from smart meters, which began with demonstrations at local health food stores. While the location was ideal for reaching a health-conscious target audience, the volume of traffic was relatively low as compared to selling online. The founder of the Smart Meter Safeguard needed a cost-effective e-commerce website built by a digital marketing company who understood the story behind this business – they needed Vicara Marketing.

Our Solutions

E-Commerce Website

Vicara Marketing utilized WordPress and WooCommerce as the preferred open source solution to build the new Smart Meter Safeguard website. The platform was chosen for its ease of use, powerful features and integration with third-party extensions.

The project began with an outline of the pages and sections that would be needed for the new bilingual website. A premium WordPress theme was selected and the necessary functionality was installed via free and paid plugins to secure the website, manage multiple languages and connect with the transport company for shipping estimates. An SSL certificate was installed to ensure all transactions were processed securely.

Web Hosting

The original Smart Meter Safeguard website was hosted on a shared server prior to having a new bilingual e-commerce website built. After experiencing poor page load speed, Vicara Marketing recommended its Virtual Private Server (VPS) for the construction and launch of the new website due to the faster speed and added security of more recent PHP versions.

All existing email addresses were created and setup using the IMAP protocol to keep all data synced across multiple devices. A daily cron-job was scheduled to scan for viruses and spam-related issues were troubleshooted as needed.

Following the launch of the website, Vicara Marketing has managed the process of updating plugins and troubleshooting issues as they arise.

Their Results

Vicara Marketing has helped Smart Meter Safeguard expand the reach of its product with an e-commerce website that features a shopping cart secured by SSL technology to ensure customers can purchase in total confidence. A page structure was created that allowed our client to build a library of informational resources such as articles, videos and research studies, which are used to promote awareness about the health concerns related to pulsed RF radiation.

Now that the Smart Meter Safeguard website features bilingual content, e-commerce functionality and analytics tracking, the company is better able to reach a broader audience and track the performance of future marketing initiatives.

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