Online Learning

Learn digital marketing with personalized training

Our personalized online learning (elearning) services provide you with the software knowledge you need to effectively tell your story across multiple platforms. From analytics software to paid advertising tools or social media management, let us teach you how to make the most of your digital footprint because no one knows your company’s story better than you.

Web Design

Shape your digital footprint by learning how to use WordPress, create design templates and install analytics software so you can be more autonomous.

Social Media

Become a social media wizard as you learn the ins and outs of popular networks along with automation tools to track discussions and aggregate new content.

Online Advertising

Take the lead in your marketing efforts and acquire the skills you need to plan, launch, report and optimize ad campaigns across multiple digital platforms.

MacOS + iOS

Harness the power of your Apple computer, tablet or phone by understanding how to use intuitive features, shortcuts and sync data between your devices.

Our Process

Scalable to suit your needs

1. We Connect

We’ll hold a call to learn more about you and what you are hoping to learn. If we both feel there is a fit, we can discuss how to setup an ideal learning environment that works for you.Let's Get Started

2. We Plan

We identify learning objectives based on your skill level and desired outcome for your business. We also determine a schedule and screen sharing platform that suits your needs.

3. We Teach

We get to work on sharing our knowledge at a pace that is comfortable for you. We encourage you to ask questions along the way!

4. We Review

At the end of each session, we go over the key learning objectives, clarify or answer any more questions, and set a schedule for the next session, if needed.

Pricing Options

Flexible based on your budget


$60 / hour
$ 600
  • 10 Hours Prepaid
  • No Expiry Date


$50 / hour
$ 1000
  • 20 Hours Prepaid
  • No Expiry Date


$ 75
/ hour
  • Pay As You Go
  • No Expiry Date

Ask about our discounted pricing for startups and nonprofits.

Ready to learn more about digital marketing?

We make personalized training flexible to suit your needs.

Fill in the form below to tell us more about what you want to learn and any issues you may be experiencing. We’ll get in touch to discuss the details of how learning digital marketing will help you gain the skills you need to generate results online.

Frequently Asked Questions

About our digital marketing training

What if there is something I don't understand?

That’s ok! We will get to the bottom of what’s stumping you to ensure that you fully understand the concepts we are teaching.

What if I need more time to learn?

That’s fine with us! We know that learning a new software takes time. Our training is flexible and we can work around your needs.

How are the training sessions provided?

Our sessions are conducted virtually through Skype or Zoom. You will need to have one of these softwares installed (they’re free!).

What's your cancellation policy?

Although this has never happened to us, if you are not learning from the training that we have provided, you can cancel at any time.

Digital Marketing Strategy Session

Learn how we can help generate growth for your business with online learning.
30 Mins